Saturday, September 3, 2011 it goes!

So my cousin Jessica has been posting some great photos and blogs weekly that I have become an admirer of. She is the original scrapbooker before it became the "in" thing, so if this is what she is using now, it must be great! With our busy lives and all the pictures I take, I never have time to document it. Now hopefully I have a fast and easy way that not only can my friends and family at home see but those distant as well. So hang in there with me as I venture through my first few blogs until I get the hang of this!


  1. you are a PRO! perfect! seriously. can't wait to keep up with the delaney's! :)

  2. popping over from jessica's blog to say hello!

    blogging is so much fun. one of my blogger friends made this comment once, "many of my best friends live in the computer." 4 years ago i would have thought that was crazy! but after 4 years of blogging i have connected to quiet a few beautiful women in christ, and been so inspired and encouraged by their lives in him.

    may God bless you on this blogging adventure!

  3. I'm hopping over from Jessica's, too. My family thinks I'm crazy when I bring something up and they say, "who are you talking about?" and it's a blog friend. I think it makes your circle of friends so much larger and the world so much smaller. I seek wisdom from others and hopefully am able to share some, too. Come visit me sometime :)