Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who says summer fun has to end??

So as we entered into the second week of school, I wasn't ready to let the summer fun end!

So Logan and I headed to Happy Hollow with his friend. It was a beautiful day. They went on all the rides, but LOVED the Frog Hopper the best and went on it over and over! So cute!

Lauren started her first soccer league (for Uncle John of course). She is loving playing with her friends from school. She enjoys her practices twice a week and has her first game this weekend. Can't wait to see her in her ORANGE uniform! I have the hairbows already thanks to Christine!

 Even the adults in the house wanted to have fun too! We went out for a "date night" to Kevin's favorite place and it wasn't even his birthday! Those of you who know him well, know that he has been going there for his birthday since he was around 9!

My Little Money Makers!
They both bugged me all Labor day weekend to have a lemonade stand. So I gave in on Monday. They were so excited! Lauren and I went out to buy the supplies. She thought raspberry flavored mix would be the best seller. When we got home and set things up, she was very concerned that she sell each cup for the correct price in order to make a profit. She asked how much we spent to buy the mix and cups and how much time it took to make it. She had to figure all that into her price. This was all her thinking.....someone has been listening to her father! All Logan cared about was mixing the lemonade every 5 minutes and of course taste testing too! They both did very well and came up with a system to work together to serve their customers! All in all a very cute day!        
And a fun "SUMMER" week!    

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  1. cute family.
    little soccer players are so much fun to watch!
    your kiddos are brilliant with their lemonade business plan.
    very impressive.

    i am visiting because jessica commanded i do so.
    so, hello! welcome to blogging!