Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who is that girl?

It was the end of the summer and Lauren was getting excited to start first grade! She told me this is the real grades now and she is growing up. Something that she knows I really dislike! Anyway, she decided that she wanted to start the new year as a grown up girl....she wants a new style of glasses, her first tooth to fall out (it has been loose for 3 weeks now and not going anywhere fast!) and that she wants to cut her hair SHORT! She made me pull up pictures from Locks of Love to see what others have done. She was sad to see that she had to cut off at least 10 inches of her hair to donate and she said that would leave her bald. But she was glad to find a picture of a cute haircut and made me print it out. My heart was pounding as I looked at the picture of a very short bob right below her ears, yikes! So after many emails and a phone call in the same day, we were off to my salon. As she was sitting in the salon chair getting her hair washed and cut, my heart was sinking as I realized that she IS growing up. She is not that fragile little girl that needs me to protect her and be there for her every move anymore. Where has the time gone? So after many heart palpitations and lots of hair on the floor, we agreed on a in-between cut and....we have my beautiful daughter with her grown up haircut! And she looks ADORABLE!
 The new glasses and the missing tooth didn't work out for her as she planned, but she is all smiles anyway!! Love this girl bunches!!

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